Easily Process Photos


Recieve Photos

Players upload their favorite photo via mobile device or computer. No more waiting in line. With three clicks they upload their photo and never hear from Season Pass Photo again. We work in the background to process the photos and your club is the hero for making their experience so much better. 

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Approve or Deny Photos

Once the Photos have been submitted by the players, you can go through the photos yourself to approve or deny the submissions. Our clean interface makes this a seamless process. You can also turn on "Helper Bot" and let him approve and deny photos for you.

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We make this process as simple as possible. When a player is added to the system, we immediately send out a customized email inviting them to upload a photo. If a photo is approved we email the player to let them know. If a photo is denied, we let them know, and provide a new photo upload link. With "Helper Bot" We even process the photos for you. So sit back and relax, because we got it covered! We work hard to make you the hero.